Services + Pricing

New Clients: Meet & Greet  

We schedule a no-obligation Meet & Greet for all new clients before we book a service. 

Meet & Greets are home visits scheduled  between the hours of 9  a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Wednesday.

This brief meeting (typically thirty minutes) allows us to make sure all cat care and home access details are discussed and documented prior to your first service.

We’ll provide a lock box for your keys that’s yours to keep, so your keys/fob are always in your possession.

Meet & Greets are priced at $30.

We look forward to meeting you and your cats!

:30 Standard Sit - $45

Our Standard sit is just purr-fect for most of our clients. We offer :30 sits once or twice per day.

Thirty minutes gives us plenty of time to provide essential care for up to three feline family members while you're away. 

Each Jenni and the Cats cat sit visit includes tons of love, play time, petting, cuddles and brushing for your kitty crew, and:

Food/Water stations cleaned & refreshed

Meal/s served

Used pet dishes cleaned

Litter box/es/scooped + topped off

Litter area swept/tidied

Waste removed from the home

Mail/package collection

Plants watered (upon request)

Detailed Visit Report including time & GPS location stamps, detailed sit report with photos, video, and task checklist delivered via text and email

 :60 Deluxe  Sit - $75

Our Deluxe Sit includes the essential care in our Standard Visit, plus an additional thirty minutes of one-on-one time and services for multiple-cat households or cats with medication needs. We offer :60 sits once or twice per day.

With our Deluxe sit, your cats receive more play & snuggle time, brushing, and medication/supplements administered.

 You will receive additional photos and video of your fur babies, and we will have  time to accommodate special requests.

We find that shy or anxious cats will venture out during longer visits, and social kitties enjoy the extra play and time to bond with their caregiver.

If you have a full household of up to five cats, a senior cat, a cat who requires daily medication, or just want the peace of mind of knowing your kitty crew has company for an an extended period of time each day, this visit is for you! 

Delightful Sit Reports after Each Visit

After each cat sit visit, you will receive a Visit Report via text & email including:

Visit start/finish time stamp

GPS start/finish points

A detailed message from your caregiver

Photos of your cat/s playing and receiving tons of love

Photos of food, water and litter stations (after refreshing/tidying)

Photos of mail/packages brought inside

Photo of secured door and lock box dialed to 0000