What is a Meet & Greet? Is there a charge for a Meet & Greet? 

We schedule a no-obligation Meet & Greet for all new clients before we book a service. Meet & Greets are home visits scheduled between the hours of 9 AM - 4 PM. This brief meeting (typically thirty minutes) allows us to make sure all cat care and home access details are discussed and documented prior to your first service. We’ll provide a lock box for your keys that’s yours to keep, so your keys/fob are always in your possession.

Meet & Greets are priced at $30 and include your lock box.

Will the same sitter visit my cat/s each time?

Yes. Jenni is the primary sitter for all clients, allowing for consistency of care and  peace of mind for you and your furry family members.  

Using one pet sitter for your cats instead of many different sitters has several advantages. Consistency is essential for cats, as they are creatures of habit. Having the same pet sitter ensures that your cats maintain a familiar routine, reducing stress and anxiety.

As Jenni develops a bond with your cats over time, she will understand your cats’ unique personalities, preferences, and any special needs they may have. Her personalized care and attention results in a more positive experience for your cats while you are away.

With Jenni and the Cats, you're establishing a trusting relationship with a reliable caregiver who will keep you informed about your cats’ well-being, any noteworthy behavior or health changes and who can respond quickly to issues or emergencies while you are traveling.

Do you administer medication?

Yes. We can pill cats directly/by mouth, prepare pill pockets, administer oral liquid medications by syringe, and apply transdermal creams. Please contact us to discuss other types of medication or medical therapy.

Although we are willing and able to give medication, we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to directly administer medication during a sit. Cats may hide or resist being handled, so we'll work with you and your veterinarian to develop a back-up plan - such as crushing medication and mixing it with food - to navigate any behavior curveballs your kitty may throw at us during your trip.

If daily medication is critical to your cat's wellbeing, and missing a dose could have serious health implications, your kitty may be better served in the care of your vet or specialized boarding facility.

Can you visit every other day?

To ensure the wellness of the cats in our care, we do not skip days between visits. 

Can a friend or family member split the trip with you and help care for my cat?

To stay in compliance with our liability insurance policy, we do not share responsibility for your cat's care with  friends, family, or other pet sitting companies. Once we start daily service, we must be the sole provider of care until the end of your booking with us.

Can you board my cat?

No.  We care for your cats in your home, where we find they are most comfortable. We highly recommend The Farm at Natchez Trace for boarding.

I live in a controlled access building. How do you handle that?

We're familiar with most of the residential buildings in Nashville, and we've got you covered!

If you have a 24-hour concierge, we'll provide your sitter name in advance of your trip, and we're prepared to present and/or leave ID with your concierge access your home during sits. 

If you live in a controlled-access building without a 24-hour concierge, and there is no option to secure a lock box outside your building, we will arrange for a fob pick-up ahead of your first visit and leave your fob in your unit on the last day of service. 

For buildings that use ButterflyMX or Latch access systems, we'll request the code in advance of your service through the client portal.

What are your holiday surcharge days?

There is a per-visit holiday surcharge of $5 added to sits on the following days:

Labor Day Weekend (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

Thanksgiving Weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Christmas Eve through New Year's Day

Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

Independence Day Weekend (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

How do you handle pet health and home-related emergencies?

If a cat or home emergency arises while you are away, we will notify you immediately and determine the best course of action together. If you are not immediately available, we will reach out your emergency contact to advise them of the situation. If you and your emergency contact are unreachable, we will do whatever is determined to be in the best interest of your cat and/or home to mitigate the issue.

In a cat health emergency, we will contact you and your veterinarian on file first to arrange care. If an emergency happens outside of your regular veterinarian's business hours, we will transport your cat to one of Nashville's 24-hour emergency veterinary clinics for care. We will make every attempt to discuss any emergency situation with you or your emergency contact before taking action.

Emergency management and coordination of emergency services is billed at the hourly sit rate.

How do you handle payments? Do you charge my card on file?

Although we require a payment method on file to book service, we don't charge your card automatically. 

You'll receive an invoice seven days before your first visit, and payment is due before your first visit.

We accept all major credit cards through our client portal.

When is payment due?

You'll receive an invoice seven days before your first visit of each trip, and payment is due before your first visit.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made within 24 hours of service are charged at full price. Otherwise, there is no cancellation fee. 

If you have already paid your invoice, cancelled visits outside the 24-hour window will convert to account credits for future service with Jenni and the Cats.